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Living Water Resources

Living Water resources are written to provide a fresh perspective, be informative and practical. All items on this page are paid for by clicking the Order button at the bottom of each resource.  Complete the secure information page to pay by credit card and scroll to the bottom and click the pay button. 

An email will be sent to Living Water and your order will be manually fulfilled by Dr. Oliver.  Purchased items will be sent to you as a printable attachment.  At this time each resource must be purchased as a separate transaction.

Rediscovering the
Lost Art of Lament
Dr. David M. Oliver

A lament is human sadness and longing lifted to God.  Absent the presence of God and ultimate hope, we cannot lament; we can only despair.  Within lament there exists a hidden protection.  Expressing our lament is a protection against the toxicity of our situation and from becoming immobilized by it.

Lament is a means of self-care.  Through lament people can express what has been churning within them.  They name their feelings and their condition.  At first, this may feel risky.  However, when human beings choose the authentic expression of a full range of emotions, they can experience a profound connection with others.

Seventy two of the 150 Psalms are laments of various kinds.  Since everyone experiences trauma, loss, and wounding, we are invited to rediscover the gift of lament hidden in plain sight in the Scriptures to offer healing and hope to the hurting.




Learning from Jesus How to Deal with Rejection and
Other Upset Emotions
Dr. David M. Oliver

Rejection is a universal human experience.  The effects of rejection can impact us across a lifetime.  Learn how Jesus dealt with rejection and apply this wisdom to your own life.  This paper includes a process for quieting and connecting with Jesus.


Knowing and Doing
the Will of God
Dr. David M. Oliver

Every person needs to make both little and large decisions on a weekly basis.  What if we could apply both faith and reason to know God’s will in our decisions?  We would make better choices which would have a very positive impact on the quality of our lives and on those around us.

This study of discernment combines biblical wisdom and the insights of authors who have discovered ways of making clear, important, godly decisions that combine the values of faith and reason.  Read this for your edification and for application to your life!


The Powerful Gift of
Three-Way Listening
image001 (1).png
Dr. David M. Oliver

As a leader, pastor, spiritual director, or coach the gift of three-way listening is an essential tool in helping others.  Three-way listening has been one of the most significant gifts I offer as a husband, parent, and professional.  It is empowering to those who receive this gift.  

I describe the process and give tools to help leaders begin to develop this gift in their own life and work.


Learning to Pray the Scriptures
Dr. David M. Oliver

Many have been taught to read the Bible but not to pray the Bible.  Learning to pray the Scriptures offers a time-tested, easy-to-follow approach that opens new doors to spiritual growth.  Discover a deeper intimacy with God and God’s Word by praying the Scriptures.


Empowering Your Prayer Life
Dr. David M. Oliver

  1. A Simple Way of Prayer

  2. Experiencing the Reconciliation and Forgiveness of God

  3. Healing Prayer

  4. Writing a Lament

  5. Breath Prayer

  6. Prayer to Experience the Greatness of God

  7. Prayer to Experience the Nearness of God

  8. Prayer of Examen: Reflecting on God’s Presence

  9. Blessing One Another

  10. Safe Place Prayer Exercise



This Advent/Christmastide sermon and worship resource covering six Sundays is different. Instead of church attenders being passive observers of the drama of worship, they are involved weekly. People bring simple items such as a bell, candle, gift for someone in need, etc.  The messages address the significance of the weekly gift and creates meaningful praise to God, who is the true audience and recipient of our worship. 


The fruit of this series has been a joyful awareness that all of us are responsible for preparing and bringing our weekly worship to God. We are meaningful participants in the liturgy, which means “the work of the people of God.”


Forgive and Remember:
The Freeing Power of Forgiveness
image001 (2).png
Dr. David M. Oliver

We are commonly told to forgive and forget which is impossible.  The human brain has no capacity to forget a traumatic event or relational wounding.  So, what is forgiveness and how are we to understand and engage in it faithfully and biblically?  Examine five principles of forgiveness.  Discover for yourself the freeing power of true forgiveness.


God's Healing Touch:
Five Ways God Heals
Dr. David M. Oliver

There are many examples of God’s healing in Scripture and in life.  Learn about the five ways God heals, some of which may be surprising to you.  This message is a balanced and biblical approach to understanding the mystery of God’s healing.



Practical Insights and Tools
for Addressing Wounds
and Trauma
Dr. David M. Oliver

No one comes to adulthood without wounds of various kinds.  Every human being experiences trauma and loss.  This paper outlines five types of trauma and gives a brief introduction to brain science which is understandable and accessible.  Ten proven tools are listed for recovering from trauma and turning on the relational circuits of our brain so that we can return to being our best and healthiest selves.


Growing in Prayer:
Personality Influenced
Prayer Styles
Dr. David M. Oliver

Find a way of praying that connects with God and reflects the unique person God made you.  This guide assists people to find and experience a way of prayer that works for them using the four functions of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Sensing, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling.  This practical work comes from Dr. Oliver’s research on prayer and personality types.



A Small Group Experience of


Spiritual Formation and Freedom


David M. Oliver     Hazel E. Partington

Sandra C. Vilela

This is a unique, five session small group experience.  Participants are guided in creating community, deepening spiritual intimacy, discovering our authority in Christ, assessing the things that block our Christian growth, and learning how to overcome the tactics of the demonic realm.  Powerful biblical instruction and prayers are provided so people can learn to walk in freedom, overcoming lies that keep them in bondage and apart from God’s truth.  This experience leads to self-discovery and spiritual growth.  We have received very positive feedback from participants.

$50 for Facilitator’s Manual

$40 for Participant’s Manual


This Advent/Christmas worship resource and sermon series celebrates the deep song of faith which arises in response to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The design of the services and the messages invite people to draw near and hear again the Good News of faith.  The sermons are authentic, addressing the real struggles of faith as evidenced in biblical personalities such as Zechariah’s wrestling to believe what the angel told him concerning the birth of his son, the prophets. search for God’s word of hope in times of personal and social ferment, Mary’s willingness to lay down her life for God’s purpose, and the fear and joy intermingled with divine music as the birth of Jesus was heralded by angels and confirmed by the shepherds.  Ultimately, we are asked what our personal response will be to the Savior’s birth. Will we allow room for a song of faith to rise in our day, in our families, churches, and community? The wonderful news is that the song is not so much what we create for God in response to Jesus. birth; it is a song that is birthed in response to meeting the Savior and receiving God’s gift.


Spiritual Warfare:
Living a Victorious
Christian Life
Dr. David M. Oliver

Practical teaching for identifying and effectively dealing with the demonic realm.  Exercise your authority in Christ and your power over all the works of the devil.  This resource is filled with Scripture and practical instruction about a reality with which all human beings have to deal.  It provides essential biblical wisdom and tools for a victorious Christian life. 


The Christian and Demonization
image001 (3).png
Dr. David M. Oliver

No true Christian can literally be demon possessed. However, Christians can be and are demonized.  Just because a Christian believer is being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit does not end all struggles with temptation, sin, doubt, fear, and unbelief, even in someone who is a Christ-follower. 


Discover biblical examples of faithful people who dealt with the demonic.  Find help and hope knowing that you are not alone in your struggle with these forces.


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