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Whoever is thirsty, come and drink.

Revelation 22:17

Dr. David M. Oliver

Dr. Oliver assists Christian leaders and churches across the globe to develop strengths,
heal hurts, and create positive change. His multi-disciplinary approach combines the best of
Scripture, theology, counseling, and brain science. Dr. Oliver has three decades of pastoral
experience and has been an adjunct professor at Malone University and Ashland Theological
Seminary. He is familiar with the deserts as well as the delights of ministry and is gifted in helping leaders find an oasis in the desert times of life and work. 

Learn more here: About Dr. Oliver


Our Ministries

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Deepen Faith...

  • Engages with Christ

  • Nurtures intimacy

  • Enhances joy

  • Matures fruit

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Empower Leadership...

  • Inspires trust

  • Equips others

  • Increases effectiveness

  • Produces change

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Inner Healing

Experience Restoration...

  • Trauma informed

  • Relational brain enhanced

  • Holy Spirit led

  • Deep healing

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Keynote Speaking

Appreciate Insight and Authenticity...

  • Biblically grounded

  • Spiritually encouraging

  • Relationally perceptive

  • Deeply genuine

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