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A Healing Touch: Five Ways God Heals

In the Scriptures we read different accounts of healing. It is my conviction that healing is part of normative Christianity. In other words, healing is meant to be a common, familiar part of the Christian life and walk of faith. Praying for healing is something each of us can learn to do. This is not the sole right or responsibility of the ordained clergy. In fact, I have encountered many more non-ordained Christians with experience in healing than I have clergy. This is because God has often gifted clergy differently in evangelism, discipleship, and as pastors and teachers.

While it is true that some people have the spiritual gift of healing, all Christians are given the grace to be able pray for and offer God’s healing touch to others. Scripture commands us to pray, to give financial support, to serve, to have faith whether or not we are gifted pray-ers, givers, servers or persons of faith. The same applies to healing.

I have never met any human being who is not in need of healing. Some persons need healing for sickness. Others need healing for things that have done to them as children, youth, or adults. They have been deeply wounded and scarred. Still others need healing for the pain and grief they are experiencing through the death of friends and family members. All of us need healing for our sin and the ways in which we have separated ourselves from God, others, ourselves, and the world. Even if we are not aware of our need, the need for healing exists, nevertheless. Instead of thinking it strange for a person to need healing prayer, in the church we ought to be thinking it is strange not to be asking for and seeking healing prayer.

The fact that Christians can and should pray for healing is amply demonstrated in the life of Jesus and the ministry of the early church. A biblical study of the practice of healing reveals that God heals in one or more of five ways.

1. God heals a few people instantly. We need this in the miracles of Jesus. I have participated in and witnessed a number of these healings.

2. God heals over time. Our immune systems are designed to restore us to healing and equilibrium when we get out of balance. Even Jesus healed the lepers and as they went to the priests they were healed.

3. God heals through medicine. God helps the human body to benefit from medications which overcome illness and disease. When I need knee surgery, I was profoundly grateful for medication to help with my pain and recovery.

4. God heals by giving us the grace to suffer well.St. Paul had an experience of this type of healing (2 Corinthians 12:7-10). How we deal with suffering is a testimony to others of the grace and power of God at work in us.

5. God heals in eternity. There will be no more suffering or pain, sorrow or tears when we go to be with the Lord.

If you wish to learn more about the ways God heals along with other biblical and contemporary examples, go to the resource tab and you will find my article—A Healing Touch: Five Ways God Heals.


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